Children activities in Brussels

Let yourself be tempted by a celestial discovery session at the Planetarium of the Belgian Royale Observatory. Come and discover a magical place in the capital which will transport you towards the beauty of starlit skies.
Recognised as one of the biggest planetariums in Europe and thanks to its projector, you will be able to admire the sun, the moon, the planets, the Milky Way and over 8500 stars on a dome of nearly 24m diameter! The sky as we see it can be observed from anywhere and at anytime on Earth and is perfectly reproduced.
You will find yourself immersed in an impressive picture projected on the 840 m2 dome area. In addition, thanks to an astronomical database rich of more than 100,000 stars, it is now possible to travel between planets, fly over Mars and even get close to Saturn’s rings! Admire the Big Dipper, its zodiac friends and shooting stars.
Discover the show "Earth, Moon and Sun" for children from 8 years old.
An audio guide in different languages is available (English,French, ...).